Top 5 Best Free Movie Apps For Android And iOS Users

Watching movies is everyone’s favourite past time. It is the best way to relax from stresses and use up your leisure time effectively. But waiting for your favourite movies to come on television is frankly frustrating. The movie apps eliminate these waits and facilitate watching movies anywhere at any time. There are many such apps available out there with different features, supported on different platforms. Some apps provide only streaming options while others provide download features as well. If you are confused about making the right choices then read on to find out about five of the best movie apps for android and iOS systems.

Bobby Movie Box

iOS users do not have a wide variety of choices like the android users with respect to movie streaming and downloading apps. But this does not mean that there are no quality iOS movie apps available. The Bobby Movie Box is one such quality app that is bound to bring delight to the iOS movie buffs. The user interface is fluent and advanced for facilitating carefree navigation and streaming. It also supports the option of watching movies in HD quality. This app can be directly downloaded from the Apple’s App Store. If not, the download file will also be available in the official Bobby Movie Box website.


Show Box is a famous streaming app for android that can be found on all ‘best free moving apps’ list. Its immense popularity is mainly due to the wide range of movies, series and TV shows offered by this app in 1080P HD quality. It is completely free from installation and is devoid of any additional subscription contingencies. It is updated on a regular basis and also has new shows that have not been aired yet. This app facilities lag free streaming and also supports download options for most movies. Though it is an android app, the Google Play Store does not have this app currently. But this is not the end of the line. You can always download the ShowBox APK for Android app from any other reliable web source.


This app is one of the very few mobile apps that is supported on both iOS as well as android devices. There are separate versions available for free download from online sources. Apart from regular devices, they are also compatible with Xbox and PlayStations. This app is dynamic and the database of movies and series keeps on growing with new content being added every single day. There is no time consuming login process or account creation procedure. The search option of this app is very effective and lets you browse and filter content based on several pre-determined criteria. Apart for regular movies and TV shows, this app also contains a decent collection of documentaries and anime.


SnagFilms is another movie app that has versions compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This app is very simple to use and also has special features that allows you to share films on social media. The main page is well organised and gives you separate lists of movies based on popularity, recently added and other defined categories.


With more than a million users, YouTube stands as history’s more commonly used video streaming platform. YouTube has been around for several years amassing new fresh content every year. Though it is popularly known for its trending short videos, a lot of movies are available for free in YouTube. Many users upload movies in their respective channels so that you can enjoy them for free.

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