Benq GL2450 24inch LED Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ is the brand name derived from “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality of Life” and this is exactly what the brand desires to achieve from their product line. BenQ GL2450HM is the LCB Monitor designed to deliver the perfect platform for viewing, computing and playing games. BenQ GL2450HM is the 1080p Monitor designed with bare essentials like HDMI for office, home and causal gaming purposes. Since BenQ GL2450HM is the budget-oriented product by BenQ, most of the advanced features and high end accessories are missing in this mode. However, there are still some crucial things that worth your appreciation and this make it the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

Design Quality and Features

BenQ GL2450HM is the budget-oriented LCD gaming monitor that features basic design. The monitor is designed with a bit thicker bezel on all the sides and has a glossy finish. Fingerprints and dust are expected and hence cleaning of the monitor is necessary on regular basis. The rare cabinet of the monitor has a matte black finish and a rectangular bulge that comprises the internal power supply and the control units that resemble a carbon fiber like texture. Since the monitor is a basic offering by BenQ, it has no frills and carries a port each for DVI, HDMI and D-Sub. The monitor comprises three slots that enable multi host devices to connect with this monitor, thereby allowing you to have all-around display for varied viewing needs. HDMI port of the monitor allows you to play audio signals on its two 2-watt speakers that come with the package, addition to it, it also has 3.5mm jacks to support external speakers.

One specification of BenQ GL2450HM that is worth mentioning is the thumb-sized OSD button that comes with nubs at the lower right corner. When pressed they will not give you the feeling of flimsy and there is a chance that you press the wrong one since you can’t view them. The mechanism of the monitor stand is all free from the small details and the features that you often ignore like cable tidy holes are well integrated into this Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

Performance and Display

The specification sheet of BenQ GL2450HM is similar to that of basic entry level offerings, which ranges from 24-inch display to 1080p TN panel to 60Hz refresh rate and 2ms response time. The unique specification of the monitor is that it is capable of handling contrast around 790:1 and 270cd/m2 brightness which is the prime USP of this gaming monitor under $200. The color performance of the monitor is out of the box, but sometimes it drops slightly because of the cool hue of the stock images. However, it can handle and lower the blue color in OSB so as to correct the flaws and brighten up the warmth of the screen.

The BenQ GL2450HM is not a full-fledged gaming monitor and hence the cutting-edge characteristics like FreeSync and higher refresh rate cycle is missing. But this is the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 today that comes with fantastic basic options. Most of the basic

Top 5 Best Free Movie Apps For Android And iOS Users

Watching movies is everyone’s favourite past time. It is the best way to relax from stresses and use up your leisure time effectively. But waiting for your favourite movies to come on television is frankly frustrating. The movie apps eliminate these waits and facilitate watching movies anywhere at any time. There are many such apps available out there with different features, supported on different platforms. Some apps provide only streaming options while others provide download features as well. If you are confused about making the right choices then read on to find out about five of the best movie apps for android and iOS systems.

Bobby Movie Box

iOS users do not have a wide variety of choices like the android users with respect to movie streaming and downloading apps. But this does not mean that there are no quality iOS movie apps available. The Bobby Movie Box is one such quality app that is bound to bring delight to the iOS movie buffs. The user interface is fluent and advanced for facilitating carefree navigation and streaming. It also supports the option of watching movies in HD quality. This app can be directly downloaded from the Apple’s App Store. If not, the download file will also be available in the official Bobby Movie Box website.


Show Box is a famous streaming app for android that can be found on all ‘best free moving apps’ list. Its immense popularity is mainly due to the wide range of movies, series and TV shows offered by this app in 1080P HD quality. It is completely free from installation and is devoid of any additional subscription contingencies. It is updated on a regular basis and also has new shows that have not been aired yet. This app facilities lag free streaming and also supports download options for most movies. Though it is an android app, the Google Play Store does not have this app currently. But this is not the end of the line. You can always download the ShowBox APK for Android app from any other reliable web source.


This app is one of the very few mobile apps that is supported on both iOS as well as android devices. There are separate versions available for free download from online sources. Apart from regular devices, they are also compatible with Xbox and PlayStations. This app is dynamic and the database of movies and series keeps on growing with new content being added every single day. There is no time consuming login process or account creation procedure. The search option of this app is very effective and lets you browse and filter content based on several pre-determined criteria. Apart for regular movies and TV shows, this app also contains a decent collection of documentaries and anime.


SnagFilms is another movie app that has versions compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This app is very simple to use and also has special features that allows you to share films on social media. The main page is well organised and gives you separate lists of movies based on popularity, recently added and other defined categories.


With more than a million users, YouTube stands as history’s more commonly used video streaming platform. YouTube has been around for several years amassing new fresh content every year. Though it is popularly known for its trending short videos, a lot of movies are available for free in YouTube. Many users upload movies in their respective channels so that you can enjoy them for free.

When Do You Need A Water Softener? Testing Your Water For Hardness

We all know that water is our daily need. The main reason for using hard water may not be to soften, but it remains a necessity. The actual cost of processing water may be dependent on how you use it and your geographical area of location. Water will become soft when the extra phased on dissolved impurities are removed after processing. With the help of the best water softener, you can quickly gain comfort, enjoyment and other important benefits in the long run.

When Do You Need A Water Softener?

The best response to this question is by asking a professional. It is the job of an expert to make you understand the degree of hardness of your water. In most case, it is important for your water to be separately tested. This will give you the knowledge to the actual degree of your water hardness.

Testing Your Water For Hardness:

From a reliable source, hardness of water can be between eighty and one hundred mg/L. It will help to provide a standard equilibrium between incrustation and corrosion. Waters are considered poor when the level of hardness is above two hundred mg/L.

It is important to know that this kind of water may be allowed by users or other consumers. For most domestic purposes, water with hardness level above five hundred mg/L may not be accepted. With this simple explanation, you can be able to decide whether to go for a water softener or not.

Factors That Can Help Reduce Cost For Using Soft Water:

1. Ensure that your softener is properly clean and maintained on a regular basis. Water softener with Energy-Star rating happens to be the best to help you get great results

2. By operating the minimum amount of regenerations required to maintain water softness, ensure it is saved along with salt

3. Ensure that the softener you want to use is purchased with cash from a retail store. Water suppliers should be avoided because they make most of the money from your investment

4. Only areas used for cleaning and washing should be allowed to run soft water. It will help you from taking in huge amounts of softened water. It will also make your softener work less.

Benefits Of Using A Water Softener:

1. A water softener will help you get wealthy soap lather. It will help you determine the money to save by using fewer detergents, soap and just to mention a few

2. With a water softener, you will enjoy great hair feel, smooth and nice skin. This is because softeners have the capability to quickly get rid of impurities in the water. With this simple process, you skin, hair and other parts of the body will remain healthy

3. It has the capability of overcome soap scum and impurity accumulation

4. A water softener can also help you avoid stomach running problems and other health complication. When this softener is used to get rid of bad elements from the water, you will be able to drink without experiencing any danger.

Facts To Know Before Opting For A Water Softener:

One of the first steps to take in this process is by contacting an expert in the field. Remember, it may be difficult for a novice to test and confirm the degree of hard water. With the help of a professional, you will be able to determine the hardness of the water in your home or office. Another important factor to consider is the cost of using a water softener. Provided these factors are known, then you can go ahead to make the best decision.


It is the responsibility of a homeowner to make quick decisions on whether to use soft water or not. If you are in a geographical location where hard water does not cause any danger, then it is better to forgo a softener. In case you live in a location where vice-versa is the case, then do not delay to buy a water softener. For this reason, it is important to do thorough research of the environment where you live. Water remains a crucial and necessary item in your daily life. On this note, ensure to use the best approach when making a decision to go soft.

Top 10 Essential Utensils To Have In Your New Home

Home Utensils like water softener, washing machine are everyday part of our life. Home utensils can be affected one way or the other concerning the kind of water you use when cooking, cleaning or bathing. Reading through this text will help you discover top 10 essential utensils to have in your new home.


If you want to serve soups, it is a good idea to use a big container or bowl. Ladle is the perfect utensil to help you serve soups without any difficulties. Hooking the ladle is possible by ensuring that it comes with a curved handle located at the top. It can as well help the ladle to maintain balance at the sides when used.

Metal Spatula:

Metal spatulas are also vital at home. These items can serve you more than anticipated. If you want to check important items such as pancakes and cookies, with the help of a metal spatula, it is possible to get under it easily. This tiny blade has the capability to move underneath any crucial item at home. Using the average size of a metal spatula will help to prevent picking up foods or flipping at a bad angle.

Chef’s Knife:

Cutting food items to pieces and bits can be possible when using the right sets of knives. The chef’s knife has the capability to help homeowners slice bread, meat and other food items into the best size. The blade of a chef’s knife is sharp enough to do the job for you the first time. Ensure that the type of knife selected by you has a good handle. This will help in preventing wounds or cuts on your hand. Remember that comfort is one of the biggest factors to consider when opting for a chef’s knife.


Food may hang around the handle of your cooking utensils. This can further lead to damage or health complications for homeowners. With the help of a whisk, the problem can be resolved in an ephemeral of time. It is a good idea to purchase whisks with tiny or small wires. This will make it possible to experience total balance when whipping cream or egg whites.


A grater is a multi-task home utensil that can help you in a time of need. It has the capability to help you zest, dust, shave and shred. In most cases, going for a box grater will help you to get the best result. These graters usually have a plethora of options that help you achieve your goal. Graters with a powerful handle will provide the best result.

Can Opener:

Tomato cans and other food items that are sealed may be difficult to open. Sometimes, a knife may not be able to give you that smooth cut needed to get the job done. This is where a can opener comes into play. A can opener will ensure to give you a smooth cut and make the opening process remains simple. The ultimate goal of a can opener is to ensure that food lids are simply unveiled for ease access.

Measuring Cups:

Remember that not measuring your food before cooking it can lead to waste. Measuring cups can help you determine the actual value and size of food needed to be cooked. It is like a tracking machine that gives you a perfect value of what you want to eat.


Cooking at home in the kitchen should be timed. It helps you to know the actual moment when the food is cooked. It is another way for helping you save your cooking resources. A timer can be placed as a recording device for your food ingredient.

Locking Tongs:

Nonslip handle locking tongs will not fail you in a time of need. The firm grip will be able to help you toss vegetables and turn meats in a skillet.

Rubber Gloves:

Just as your food is important, rubber gloves are also crucial at home. Rubber gloves can help you wash dishes easily and quickly. If you want to do cleaning in the kitchen, these gloves can be of a huge assistance.


Home utensils come in the order of your need and preference. For this reason, you can also explore online to see other essential utensils that can satisfy your need and curiosity