Benq GL2450 24inch LED Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ is the brand name derived from “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality of Life” and this is exactly what the brand desires to achieve from their product line. BenQ GL2450HM is the LCB Monitor designed to deliver the perfect platform for viewing, computing and playing games. BenQ GL2450HM is the 1080p Monitor designed with bare essentials like HDMI for office, home and causal gaming purposes. Since BenQ GL2450HM is the budget-oriented product by BenQ, most of the advanced features and high end accessories are missing in this mode. However, there are still some crucial things that worth your appreciation and this make it the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

Design Quality and Features

BenQ GL2450HM is the budget-oriented LCD gaming monitor that features basic design. The monitor is designed with a bit thicker bezel on all the sides and has a glossy finish. Fingerprints and dust are expected and hence cleaning of the monitor is necessary on regular basis. The rare cabinet of the monitor has a matte black finish and a rectangular bulge that comprises the internal power supply and the control units that resemble a carbon fiber like texture. Since the monitor is a basic offering by BenQ, it has no frills and carries a port each for DVI, HDMI and D-Sub. The monitor comprises three slots that enable multi host devices to connect with this monitor, thereby allowing you to have all-around display for varied viewing needs. HDMI port of the monitor allows you to play audio signals on its two 2-watt speakers that come with the package, addition to it, it also has 3.5mm jacks to support external speakers.

One specification of BenQ GL2450HM that is worth mentioning is the thumb-sized OSD button that comes with nubs at the lower right corner. When pressed they will not give you the feeling of flimsy and there is a chance that you press the wrong one since you can’t view them. The mechanism of the monitor stand is all free from the small details and the features that you often ignore like cable tidy holes are well integrated into this Best Gaming Monitor Under $200.

Performance and Display

The specification sheet of BenQ GL2450HM is similar to that of basic entry level offerings, which ranges from 24-inch display to 1080p TN panel to 60Hz refresh rate and 2ms response time. The unique specification of the monitor is that it is capable of handling contrast around 790:1 and 270cd/m2 brightness which is the prime USP of this gaming monitor under $200. The color performance of the monitor is out of the box, but sometimes it drops slightly because of the cool hue of the stock images. However, it can handle and lower the blue color in OSB so as to correct the flaws and brighten up the warmth of the screen.

The BenQ GL2450HM is not a full-fledged gaming monitor and hence the cutting-edge characteristics like FreeSync and higher refresh rate cycle is missing. But this is the Best Gaming Monitor Under $200 today that comes with fantastic basic options. Most of the basic